When choosing a marketing company, you want to make sure you are dealing with a professional firm.  Dealing with a company like Adinfusion, can have negative effects on your business, given that they have in the past stolen content.

Important factors to consider:

1. Are they registered with the BBB

2. How long have they been in business

3. Do they have a commercial business address or are they listed at a home

4. Do they have any reviews or feedback left by customers online

5. Are they willing to provide references you can call, to see how their experiences were.


If you follow the above factors, you will be less likely to choose a company that has a bad reputation. While a company like Adinfusion or other marketing company, may have a decent looking website, you really need to judge them on multiple factors outside of just their website alone.


Adinfusion is a marketing company in California, it’s owner is Matt Roberts. If you are considering hiring Adinfusion you should fully research who you are doing business with, Matt Roberts has a history of stealing content and engaging in theft of copy written works.

Adinfusion is not a company that would be recommended to hire, there are plenty of advertising and marketing agencies that do not have owners to steal content. Matt Roberts of Adinfusion should be avoided.